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Santorini restaurants: Taste the food in the many restaurants of Santorini Island Greece

Recommended by Us RASTONI FIRA
Tel: +30 22860 24248

Located in the heart of Fira, the capital, Rastoni is one of santorini restaurants which sits on the right-hand side of the Caldera on the way to the old port. Rastoni's spectacular Caldera view and romantic sunsets gives you the opportunity to stop and enjoy our fresh juices, coffees, special cocktails and taste the extraordinary Mediterranean food of Chef Costas.

Santorini restaurants: Rastoni restaurant in Santorini

Tel:+30 22860 81183

Located in the southern side of the island, Panorama Restaurant provides you with the best view on Santorini Island.
Build on the edge of a cliff, viewing the aegean sea. Enjoy your meal from our delicious menu with the background view of the volcano and the famous santorini sunset.
Santorini restaurants: Panorama restaurant in Santorini

Recommended by Us CALDERIMI FIRA

Calderimi is located in Fira and offers a breathtaking view over the volcano and the the villages. It is one of the cosiest santorini restaurants built in the traditionnal way. The whole place takes fantastic colors at the sunset and the shadows in the interiors are impressive.
Santorini restaurants: Calderimi restaurant in Santorini

Recommended by Us KALLISTI PYRGOS

Kallisti must be the most traditional of the restaurants in Santorini. It is situated in Pyrgos village and offers authentic food. It is considered by our team as the best of the island.It is a non commercial taverna with dishes made in the traditionnal way. The owner has a warm personnality and he will welcome you like you deserve it.
Santorini restaurants: Kallisti restaurant in Santorini

Recommended by Us SELENE FIRA
Tel: +30 22860 22249 Email:

The "Selene" restaurant was established in Fira, the capital of Santorini, in 1986. Ever since we first started, our effort has been to support and highlight the exceptional and unique nature of Greek and Santorini cuisine in accordance with the current gastronomical trends.
Santorini restaurants: Selene restaurant in Santorini

Recommended by Us 1800 RESTAURANT OIA
Tel: +30 2860 71485

Today "1800" is a "living museum" that takes you back to the ambience of the last century. It offers you at the same time the warmth and comfort of today, as much as indoors as outdoors on the roof garden which has a magnificent view of the sea surrounding the volcano island.
Santorini restaurants: 1800 restaurant in Santorini

Recommended by Us PAPAGALOS OIA
Tel: +30 22860 71469 Email:

Since its establishment in 1987, in the village of Oia (Ia) Santorini, Papagalos Restaurant has defined contemporary Greek cuisine. With a focus on the freshest offerings of each season, Papagalos chefs allow the ingredients of the region to speak for themselves.
Santorini restaurants: Papagalos restaurant in Santorini


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