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Santorini diving centers: Discover the undless blue waters of santorini


Volcano santorini diving centers is the outcome of thirty
years of experience in instructing scuba divers of every
level, from usual pleasure dives to deep wreck dives in
the open sea at depths of up to 120 metres. It was established
by Vangelis Sotiriou, one of the first people to introduce
scuba diving in Greece. The instructors at Volcano Diving
Center are experienced instructors in both air and mixed
gas diving, with thousands of dives in all conditions.
Santorini diving clubs: Discover the scuba diving clubs of SantoriniSantorini diving

Recommended by Us M.D.C PERISSA

M.D.C. is the new diving centers on Santorini Island
The new way to explore this unique volcanic island in
the world of 'underwater'! M.D.C. offers this experience successfully for two years after the underwater archaeology Committee has permitted
scuba diving in this very island.


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