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Santorini night clubs: Discover the many night clubs on Santorini Island Greece

Recommended by Us ENIGMA CLUB Fira
Tel +30-22860-22466 E-mail:

Enigma club was established in the summer of 1979 on Santorini Island. Since then, it is considered as one of the must of the santorini night clubs.
It is said that if you have left Santorini without go dancing in Enigma club, you haven't saw the island.
Enigma, the most famous of the night clubs in Santorini

Recommended by Us KOO CLUB FIRA
Tel +3 2286 0 22025 E-mail:

Koo in Santorini is one of the most famous night clubs on Santorini Island. It is always overcrowded of people in a mood to dance and to have undless party.
Just try it!!!

Tel +30 2860 33420

Dom club in Santorini. It is one of the liviest santorini night clubs and it is located in Kamari. Feel good clubbing with no limits at Kamari. Nights at the Dom with no face control. Anyone and everyone fits into the "cage" on stage and the non-stop party goes on till the morning. Have a great time at the Dom.


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